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© El Ghazali, G.E.B. (2021). A technical report on the scientific conferences held by The National Centre for Research (1993- 2015). National Centre for Research, Khartoum, Sudan, 42 pp.

Deposition/ Registration number: (2021/ 930)

ISBN: 978-99988-0-461-6

The National Centre for Research, Khartoum, Sudan (NCR) was established in 1991 to replace the former National Council for Research established in 1970, which was a national body responsible for formulating policies and plans and coordinate national efforts in scientific. NCR is a fully fledged multi-disciplinary institution mandated to conduct scientific and applied research for development (within the framework of State policy) in specialized areas not adequately covered by other research organizations in Sudan. NCR manages to enhance its capacity buildings, tackle research programs and upgrade its research institutions to excellence and futuristic studies.

The NCR incorporates specialized Institutions, Authorities, Commissions and Centres namely: Environmental, Natural Resources and Desertification Research Institute, Tropical Medicine Research Institute, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants and Traditional Medicine Research Institute, Institute of Engineering Research and Material Technology, Institute of Space Research and Aerospace, Commission of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, Remote sensing and Seismology Research Authority, Documentation and Scientific Information Centre, Authority for Technology Transfer.

The National Centre for Research used to hold scientific conferences every two years to discuss one of the urgent national issues with the aim of emphasizing the role of scientific research in development and opening the way for scientists and researchers to present the results of their research related to development.

These conferences also provided a suitable platform for scientists, researchers, statesmen, executives, beneficiaries and private business owners to meet, study and discuss issues related to development in the light of the scientific achievements. The first Scientific conference was held in 1993, and its sessions were in various specializations, but in the following conferences it was agreed to allocate a specific theme for each conference. These conferences have had the wide participation of scientists and researchers in several fields by presenting scientific papers that dealt with many problems and solutions. The sessions were also rich in scientific discussion supported by audiovisual techniques which contributed to the success of these conferences. All papers were peer reviewed before they were accepted to the conferences, and three senior scientists participated in the evaluation, then they were presented to an expanded meeting of scholars with competence in each field. The papers presented to the conference were the product of all this careful evaluation.

During the period 1993 to 2015, the National Centre for Research held ten scientific conferences, during which about 555 scientific papers were presented in various scientific and technical fields and disciplines, which included the following: Exploitation and maintenance of Natural Recourses, Energy and sustainable developments, Livestock in Sudan, Housing and Development, Technology Transfer, Biotechnology, Endemic and Emerging Diseases, Agricultural Developments, and Knowledge-based Economy. It is worth mentioning that five of these ten scientific conferences were published at “ALBUHUTH Scientific Journal”, a biannual, open-access and multi- disciplinary journal published by the National Centre for Research, Khartoum, Sudan.

Despite their importance, these conferences are scattered in many resources, and their compilations is an absolute necessity that must be dealt with.

These conferences came out with solutions to many of the problems that were discussed and many practical recommendations that we hope will be implemented and that their impact will be clear and significant to serve this country and its citizens.

3Highlighting the role of Sudanese Scholars in advancing the country’s Progress25-28Jan 1993First Scientific Conference
8Exploiting natural resources and maintaining ecological balance for sustainable development 21-24Jan 1995Second Scientific Conference
10Energy and sustainable development 8-10April 1997Third Scientific Conference
12Livestock in The Sudan- Reality and development prospects 6-8April 1999Fourth Scientific Conference
14Housing and development in The Sudan- problems and solutions 17-19April 2001Fifth Scientific Conference
16Technology transfer and adaptation for development6-8April 2003Sixth Scientific Conference
19Biotechnology and future prospects13-15Dec 2005Seventh  Scientific Conference
22Endemic and emerging diseases: new trends in diagnosis and control21-23Aug 2007Eighth Scientific Conference
27The role of scientific research in agricultural development22-24Jan 2009Ninth Scientific Conference
31Research and Innovation towards knowledge-based economy1-3Dec 2015Tenth Scientific Conference

المؤتمر العلمي الاول

1-31Commercial production of charcoal briquettes from agricultural residues. Ahmed H. Hood, G. El Faki Ali, R.V. Siemons.1
32-64Biogas technology in The Sudan: a review. Hassan Beshir El Amin, Ibtisam Ismail Mekki,  Yamen Fadlalla, Hamid Ahmed Dirar.2
65-93The response of an open-chamber engine to natural gas composition. M.E. Tawfig.3
94-109Socio Economic analysis of wind and diesel driven water pumping system in The Sudan. Nagwa A. Gadah El Dam.4
110-119The solar kitchen in Kober. Salih Hamadto, Arnold Nilsson.5
120-127Solar pre-heating of water for steam generation in the Friendship Textile mill. M.O. Sid Ahmed, T. Hussien.6
128-153Design criteria of solar drying system with special emphasis on vegetables drying- case study: onion drying. El Fadil Adam Ahmed.7
154-169Solar refrigerators for vaccines storage, field test and dissemination in Sudan. Azmi Z. Taha, M.A. Hamid.8
170-181A useful field of utilization of the sun energy: decontamination of food stuffs by the use of simple solar utensils. Ahmed A.R. Elagib, Hashim H. Erwa.9
182-194جدوى استخدام المضخات الريحية في السودان في المزارع الصغيرة والمتوسطة. محمد هاشم صديق10
195-218استغلال الطاقة المتوفرة في نهر النيل. فتح الرحمن أحمد الماحي11
219-235An induction generator scheme for a wind-turbine power application. Fayez Mohammed El Sadik.12
236-241Retanning agents from local indigenous tanning materials. Gurashi A. Gasmilseed.13
242-251النول اليدوي المطور. عباس يوسف أحمد أبو سالمة14
252-275التفاعل المباشر من الجبص الى كبريتات الكالسيوم اللامائية. آدم موسى محمد  15
276-295الإمكانات الإنتاجية في قطاع الزيوت. تاج السر محمد سليمان16
296-310Quality of staple bread (Kisra) prepared from different cereals. Abdel Halim Rahama Ahmed.17
311-314Induction and selection of mutants in sugarcane (Saccharum sp.) clone CO 527. N.A. Simbe.18
315-326Radioisotopes in pesticide residues and metabolic studies. Gaafar A. El Zorgani, Ihsan A. Abbas.19
327-334رصد النوي المشعة في منطقة ميري بجبال النوبة عثمان مصطفى مختار، فتحي عبد الرؤوف الخانجي20
335-347Endocrine responses to water restriction in desert sheep. Muna M.M. Ahmed.21
348-349الاستعمال الأمثل للبقاس كوقود في مصانع السكر وليم إبراهيم السيد22
350Pulping characteristics of some indigenous and exotic fibrous raw materials from Sudan. Suleiman Gabir, Palmina Kristova.23
351The use of thermotolerant yeasts for the production of single cell protein from sugar cane molasses. Siddig Hussein Hamad.24
352Use of some nuclear methods for material analysis. Farouk Habbani.25
353-354Studies on simple goitre in Omdurman. A/El Monim M. Hassan, Salah O. Bashir, M.A. El Tom, Fathi A. El Khangi.26
355Diagnosis of Cameline trypanosomaisis by antigen capture technique  (AgELISA). Elgailani Ali Elamin.27
1-8Remote sensing and natural resources management in Sudan. Imad Abunaib, Amna A. Hamid, Mohammed Mirghani, A. Hakeem Amir.28
9-39Desertification assessment and mapping methodology in Sudan. Ibrahim A. Babikir, Mukhtar A. Mostafa, Eltijani M. Salih.29
40-54The ecology of salt-affected areas in Khartoum: Environment  and vegetation. Abdel Karim Sabir Ali.30
55-66Establishment and field performance of certain tree species in Central Sudan. Salah El Din Goda Hussein.31
67-76The performance of three Stylosanthes species on the sandy soil of North Kordofan, Sudan. Hashim K. Mukhtar.32
77-84المردود الاقتصادي والأثر البيئي لاستخدام خام فوسفات جبال النوبة الحاوي لليورانيوم في العمليات الزراعية دون معالجات صناعية. عبد الرحمن خضر حسن33
85-101Nitrogen fixation research in Sudan: an overview. N.O. Mukhtar, H.M. Babiker.34
102-110A comparative study of six commercial soybean varieties inocubated with Rhizobium japonicum under Shambat’s conditions. Abdelgadir Mohamed, Muna M. Mustaffa.35
111-122الدراسات البحثية وأثرها في تخفيض تكلفة الإنتاج الحيواني بالسودان. صديق آدم عبد الله36
123-130المولاس لتسمين العجول السودانية. عمر عبد الرحيم الخضر، سلوى الفاضل إبراهيم، اعتدال أحمد الخضر37
131-145ملامح تربية الإبل في شرق السودان والمعوقات الرئيسية. بابكر عباس محمد أحمد38
146-153The production of veterinary bacterial vaccines by conventional methods and modern technology in The Sudan. Salah El Din Hassan Babiker.39
154-63دور بحوث أمراض النبات في الزراعة السودانية. جعفر إبراهيم40
164-175The integrated pest management strategy and its expected environmental and economical impact in Sudan. Asim Ali Abdelrahman.41
176-193Studies on Neem oil. Nabil H.H. Bashir.42
194-208Seasonal effects on compensatory ability of some Sorghum genotypes under Chilo partellus (Swinhoe) infestation. Tag Elsir B. M.A. Laouta, Nabil H.H. Bashir, Kanayo F. Nwanze, Abd Elilah B. Mohammed.43
209-228طريقة أومي كنهج مبتكر لتفصيل الوصفة السمادية المتوازنة. سامي علي محمد حامد44
229-249زراعة الأنسجة النباتية ومجالات تطبيقها في السودان. الفاتح محمد مهدي45
250-259Utilization of Karkade seed oil. Zubeida A. Bakhit.46
260-273نحو برنامج قومي لصيانة المصادر الوراثية النباتية في السودان. الطاهر إبراهيم محمد47
275-276مرض طاعون المجترات الصغيرة. مصطفى إبراهيم زيدان48
277مساكن الدواجن للأسر المنتجة. محمد التجاني صالح، دفع الله علي49
1-13Anticestodal, amoebicidal and phytochemical studies on Albizzia anthelmintica. H.S. Khalid, A.K. Bashir, Y.M. Elkeir, S.A. Khalid.50
14-34Antimicrobial and phytochemical investigations of Vernonia amygdalina and other Sudanese medicinal plants. A.Z. Almagboul, A.K. Bashir, A. Karim M. Salih, S.A. Khalid, A. Farouk.51
35-51Jojoba: a new cash crop in marginal lands, Jojoba  introduction in The Sudan, situation and outlook. Mohamed Nasr Nimir52
52-65Pharmacological investigations of Argemone mexicana L. seeds. A.A. Elgamal, S.A. Khalid, A.E. Ali.53
66-76The use of Gambusia fish for malaria mosquito control in Gezira. Salah El Safi.54
77-86Characterization of isotypes of antibody response against Leishmania parasite. Asma M.S. Elassad, Hashim W. Ghalib, Saddia A. Younis.55
87-100منسوب فيتامينات أ، ه، ب 12 فوليك أسيد والفيراتين في أطفال الجزيرة وسط السودان. بابكر احمد محمد، طارق احمد عبد الرحمن، نورفل ك.، س. سكورا، شايمان ر. كندل.56
101-111طرق تشخيص الكلازار معمليا بمستشفى القضارف خلال وباء عام 91-1992 م. ابو القاسم عثمان كروم57
112-115المثبت الخارجي للكسور من المواد المحلية. النعيم إبراهيم محمد النعيم58
116-135القياسات الديمغرافية ودورها في التخطيط والتنمية. حسن موسى يوسف59
136-153دور البنك الزراعي السوداني في التنمية الزراعية. محمد الطيب عبد الله60
154-164الحرف والصناعات الصغيرة والإصلاح الاقتصادي في السودان: دروس من دارفور. بدر الدين عبد الرحيم إبراهيم61
165-180القطاع غير المنظم: المشاكل والحلول. محمد ادم علي62
181-189مشروع النهود التعاوني وأثره في التنمية الريفية. إدارة البحوث والإحصاء- البنك الزراعي السوداني63
191Effect of seasonal variation and age of the leaf on growth, oil yield and citral content of Lemon Grass (Cymbopgon citratus Stape). Awatif A. Mohamed, Gaafar M. Elhassan, Barakat M. Modaawi.64
192Indigenous Datura innoxia (Mill.) and Datura stramonium (L.) as source of Hyoscyamine and Hyoscine. Mohamed Osman Abdalla El Sheikh.65
193The commercial production of medicinal, aromatic and related plants in Sudan: past, present and future outlook. Salah A. Elhussein.66
194Analysis of HLA-DR and DQ gene polymorphisms in Sudanese patients  with Type 1 (insulin- dependent) Diabetes. Mubarak M.A. Magzoub, Henry A.F. Stephens, Edwin A.M. Gale, Gian Franco Bottazzo.67
195Birth weight standards in Sudanese newborns in Soba Hospital. E.M. Elshibly, M.I.A. Omer.68
196Assessment of a large Schistosomiasis control programme in the Gezira irrigated area, Sudan. Asim A. Daffalla.69
197Invermectin treatment of severe reactive Onchocerciasis (SOWDA). Omer Z. Baraka, Babiker M. Mahmoud, Mohammed H. Ali, Magdi M. Mohammed, Mamoun M. Homeida, Jeffery F. Williams.70
198Thyroid autoantibodies post moderate doses of iodized oil in adolescence. Faisal A. Hashim, A. El Monim M. Hassan, Salah O. Beshir, M.A. El Tom.71
200وبائية البلهارسيا في الجزيرة. أحمد بابكر محمد أحمد72
201تخليق مركبات ال 1،4- نافثوكينونات كمركبات عضوية فعالة ضد بعض الميكروبات وضد ميكروب السل. عبد الله عوض عبد الله، بابكر محمد أحمد، عاصم فاروق، سعاد عبد العزيز، محمد عليب، أحمد يحي  محمد، أحمد الصادق.73

المؤتمر العلمي الثاني

1-17Biodiversity in soil fauna in six selected sites in Khartoum, Sudan. Maha Ali A/Latif, Faysal T. Abu Shama, Mohammed Ali O. Rahoum, Mustafa M. El Hag.1
18-40The geographical extent of desertification in Sudan. Eltigani Mohammed Salih.2
41-55Assessment of wildlife in Dinder National Park by remote sensing techniques. Salwa M. Abd Elhameed, Amana A. Hamid, Nadir M. Awad, Osman A. Osman, Asim I. Moghraby, Salih H. Hamid.3
56-68A modified FAO land evaluation system in use by The Sudan Soil Survey administration. Osman A.M. Eltom.4
69-87Mazrub water supply. Salih El Hadi Mohammed Ahmed.5
88-107Interaction of VA mycorrhizal fungi and root-knot nematode on tomato plants: effects of Nemacur, phosphorus and infection time. Ayman M.O. Mirghani, Elsidig A.E. Elsheikh.6
108-126Effect of some disinfectants on onion (Allium cepa L.) seed germination and contamination by Aspergillus niger Van Tieghem. Ahmed, A.H.M., El Nagerabi, S.A.F.7
127-137Effects of rhizobium inoculation and N. fertilization on the productivity of two faba bean cultivars. A.G. Osman, N. A. Hag Elamin, E.A.E. El Sheikh.8
138-152Carbonization of agricultural residues and the expected savings in natural forests. Shommo S. Ali, El Waleed Abass.9
153-164Biogas technology: a means for energy production and environment protection. Elyaman Fadlalla.10
1-35A step forward towards selecting insecticides soft on the natural enemies. Muawia A. Osman, Nabil H.H. Bashir, Assim A. Abdelrahman.11
36-56New technology for potato production in Sudan from seed tubers of TPS origin. S.M. El Amin, B. Adam, E. Varis, E. Pehu.12
57-74Sorghum stem borers of the Gezira: a step towards an ecologically sound pest management program. Tag- Elsir Bashir Mohammed Abd Alla Laoata.13
75-85Growth and yield of Sorghum bicolar under alley cropping with Leucaena leucocephala in a saline sodic soil type. Salah El Din Hussein Goda.14
86-99Correlation between sand colour, mineralogy of sand coating and their relative age based upon landsat imagery. Mustafa M. El Hag.15
100-113The effect of shading on growth and yield of certain agricultural crops in an alley-cropping system. Salah El Din Hussein Goda.16
114-125The biofertilizer use of Rhizobium strain TAL 380 for increasing alfalfa production in Khartoum State, Sudan. Mohammed S.S., Osman  A.G.17
126-140Effects of inoculation with Rhizobium strain TAL 1400 on the symbiotic properties of Faba beans in Khartoum State, Sudan. Osman A.G., Mohammed S.S.18
141-160Survey of camel diseases in the Butana area of Sudan. Hamid Agab, Babiker Abbas.19

المؤتمر العلمي الثالث

5-28Towards a better estimation of water power potential in Sudan. Khalid A/Fattah M. Osman, El Sadig M.A. Sharfi.1
29-43Efficient transport of commercial woodfuels and its impacts on Resource conservation and environment. Abd Alsalam Ahmed Abd Al Salam.2
44-65Fluid diversion in oil recovery. Hassan Bashir Nimir.3
66-80غابات السودان كمصدر للطاقة حسن عثمان عبد النور، فتح العليم محي الدين، أسامة تاج السر4
81-93دور المياه كمصدر للطاقة في السودان. أحمد صالح5
94مصادر الطاقة الكهربائية في السودان. أمين صبري أحمد6
95-127Socio-economic and environmental impacts, planning  and administration of rural electrification. Haroun Osman Sam.7
128-141PV lighting systems in North Kordofan, its economic and social benefits. Hassan Wardi Hassan, Nouralla Yasin Ahmed.8
142-162اقتصاديات الطاقة الزاكي آدم حسن9
163-193Energy and environment. Ismail El Gizouli.10
194-238Environmental effects of bioenergy systems in Sudan. Salah Eldin Ali Mohamed Nour.11
239-254Investigation of LPG to an engine fuel in Khartoum State. Arig Gaffar Mohamed A. Bakhiet.12
255-267صناعة مكعبات فحم سيقان القطن ومستجداتها بالسودان. شمو شاع الدين علي13

المؤتمر العلمي الرابع

35-42Sodium dodecyl sulphate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of Staphylococcus aureus subsp. anaerobius proteins. Noura K. M/Salih, Mukhtar M.M., Mohammed M.E.M.1
43-59Seroepidemiological observations of camel brucellosis in eastern and western Sudan. Majid A.A., Goraish, I.A.2
60-69Prophylactic action of antrycide ® on laboratory rodents experimentally infected with Trypanosoma evansi. Rihab Ali Omer, Sumaya Khidir Ibrahim, Khitma Hassan El Malik.3
72-86Prospects of Tsetse and Trypanosomiasis control in Sudan. Y.O. Mohammed, A.A. Ismail, Sawsan S. Ahmed, A.A. Aziz, S.M. Khair.4
87-101استراتيجيات مكافحة القراد والأمراض التي ينقلها في السودان. عبد الحميد عبد الرزاق عبد العزيز، الهام محمد عثمان، لمياء مبارك الحاج، صلاح محمد خير، ياسر عثمان.5
102-106A note on stress and tick infestation among Ostrich chicks (Struthio camelus) brought from El Dinder National Park (Sudan). Abdel Rahim Sid Ahmed Sayeid, Mohammed El Amin Hamid6
107-122Vaccination of Friesian and local Zebu calves with T1/44 broth culture vaccine. A.A. Shallali, E.Y. El Mahi, A.E.D. Abdalla, M. El Nasri.7
123-131Stability of Anthrax live Spore vaccine at different temperatures. Abbas Mohamed Ahmed, Salah Eldin Hassan Babiker.8
132-139Production of Anthrax Live Spore Vaccine in the bioreactor (fermenter) using meat extract medium as a substitute of meat infusion broth medium. Abbas Mohamed Ahmed, Salah Eldin Hassan Babiker.9
140-152أنتاج لقاح (T1/ 44) المجفد ضد مرض  الالتهاب الرئوي البلوري الساري. عبد المتعال عبد الله  عبيد الشلالي10
153-161ضبط الجودة في صناعة اللقاحات البيطرية. صلاح الدين حسن بابكر، صبحي أحمد محمد خير،الحاج عطية الحبيب، وحيد علي مجاهد11
162-176Comparison of laboratory and field results of Friesian Semen processed with Tris and whole milk diluents in Sudan. Sharaf A. Makawi, Nasir S.A. Hammali, Osman S.Ali, Babiker A. Elsharief.12
177-187Fish rejects, a hazardous waste or a non-conventional  feed source- a case study from Sudan. Zuheir N. Mahmoud, Mohammed E. Ali.13
188-209The effect of nitrogen source on performance of Sudan desert sheep fed complete molasses- based fattening rations. A.A.A. Lutfi, H.A.M. Ali, M.M.M. Ahmed.14
210-221Effect of storage period on the chemical composition and sensory characteristics of yoghurt made from soymilk. Dawla Ali Adam, Mohammed Osman Abdella, Mahjoub Elharith.15
222-232The effect of Kunan application on semen characteristics in Sudanese desert sheep. Mohammed Suhair, G.J.R. Hovell, Hago, B.E.16
233-241سلالات الإبل في السودان عبد الملك إبراهيم خلف الله17
242-268The chemical composition in relation to current grading of fish. Abeer Mohammed Hassan Karrar, Yousif Babiker Abu Gideiri.18
269-281Effect of type of milk on the quality of Mudaffara cheese. Nadia A. Elsheikh, Mohammed O. Abdalla.19
282-295تجربة تصنيع مكعبات علف المولاس بالسودان عمر عبد الرحيم الخضر، فيصل عوض أحمد20
296-309Appropriate pattern technologies in leather production and its waste treatment. Samia Hamid Mohammed El Amin.21
310-321Manufacture of fruit Yoghurt. Mohammed O. Abdalla, Hala Ahmed Abdalla, Abdel Azim A.M. Nour22
322-333Design of community biogas plant for cooking and lighting utilizing cow-dung (A case study). Ibtisam I. Mekki, Hassan B. El Amin, Shommo S. Ali.23
334-346Embryo transfer for livestock development in Sudan. Abu Bakar Adam Mohammed.24
347-374الواقع الاقتصادي لمربي الإبل في شرق السودان علي محمد عبد الماجد25
375-392دور البنك الزراعي في تمويل نشاط الدواجن لولاية الخرطوم نجاة يوسف، عادل التوم، معتصم أبو القاسم26
393-412الفاقد الاقتصادي في الثروة الحيوانية أسامة الشيخ ياسين، صلاح مختار محمد الأمين27
413-429قطاع الثروة الحيوانية ومعوقات التنمية- الحلول والمعالجات. صلاح مختار محمد الأمين، أسامة الشيخ يسن.28
430-455آثار ومقتضيات اتفاقيات التجارة العالمية على قطاع الماشية واللحوم بالسودان تماضر الخنساء النور عنقرة29
456-479مسارات الرعاة  في بالسودان. عمر القوني أبكر30
480-506محميات المحيط الحيوي في السودان بين النظرية والتطبيق. سلوى منصور عبد الحميد، معتصم بشير نمر31
507-516Savanna Woodland Forests affected by rain-fed agriculture. Osman A.R. Osman, Hassan M. Fadul.32
517-532Remote sensing data used in rangeland assessment and monitoring. Amna Ahmed Hamid, Mohammed M. Ali.33
 تأثير الجرعة الوقائية لعقار أنثرسيد على قابلية فئران التجارب للإصابة بطفيل التربانوسوما ايفانذي. رحاب على عمر، ختمة حسن الملك.34

المؤتمر العلمي الخامس

8-21تخصيص الأراضي بأسلوب المواقع والخدمات في السودان- الوقت المناسب لإعادة النظر صلاح الدين محمد عثمان1
22-36الأراض وخيارات السكن في العاصمة الفاضل علي آدم2
37-56Housing and the thermal environment recommendation for housing planning and design in the region of Khartoum. Saud Sadig Hassan.3
57-74المساحات المفتوحة والخضراء ضمن التجمعات السكنية وأثرها على بيئة السكن في مدينة الخرطوم الكبرى. لمياء موسى محمد.4
75-80السياسات والتشريعات والتخطيط العمراني. عدلان الصديق الماحي5
81-101Evaluation and forecasting trends pattern of energy demand for cooking in household sector. Abdel Salam Ahmed Abdel Salam.6
102-118التحضر وتوزيع وتصنيف المستوطنات الحضرية في السودان- العوامل والمؤثرات ودور المستوطن الوسيط في النظام الحضري. محمد نجيب سليمان الحويرص،  سيف الدين صادق حسن7
120-135إمكانية المشاركة الشعبية في الإسكان بدراسة حالة الشايقية. Potential of community participation- case study from Dair Al Shaigia. Muna Mustafa El Tahir.8
136-165Indian experiences in housing-  problems and solutions. Vinay Kumar Mathur.9
166-178مواد البناء وصناعته. هالة إبراهيم10
179-202التشبيك كآلية لإنفاذ الإستراتيجية في قطاع مواد البناء وصناعة التشييد محمد المصطفى عوض سليمان، محمد حسين حامد حسين، ياسمين محمد المبارك، فاطمة أحمد إدريس.11
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المؤتمر العلمي التاسع

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Anti-diarrheal Sudanese traditional remedy and hospitalized malnourished  children. Mofida Y. El khalifa, Nada Omer.142
Effect of Petroselinum crispum on the renal composition of renal stone patients. Reem Hassan Ahmed, Jihan Salih Dirar.143
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The role of knowledge-based economy in the development of the infrastructure of the institutions of the information to build a knowledge-based society. Nasreldin Hassan Ahmed.160

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