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Within the National Centre for Research (NCR) the Institute of Engineering Research and Materials Technology (IERMT) offers a wide range of interesting research programmes in four broad areas: Engineering, Materials Science  Appropriate technology and Electronics and communications. The Institute has capabilities in materials synthesis, integration and fabrication, analysis, characterization and design.

We are proud to be a unique institute which is well recognized in Sudan and within our unique research laboratories in the areas of pulp and paper making, wood and fiber based composites, electronics and communications.

We collaborate actively with other research institutes, Universities and public bodies.


The mission of the IERMT is to foster interdisciplinary research in materials science, engineering and appropriate technology. IERMT also seeks to support and assist the research programs and develop commercial opportunities and generate local businesses that provide jobs for the Sudanese people and strengthen the country economy.


Our vision is to advance our research programs to achieve national and international recognition.


Department of Materials Science:

Materials Science and Engineering encompasses all natural and synthetic materials – their extraction, synthesis, processing, properties, characterization, and development for technological applications.

Its aim is to improve the industry competitiveness, national human resource development and quality of life for all Sudanese people. The expertise in this domain has been consolidated in three competence areas, each consisting of a number of research groupings, these are:

  1. Composites and bioadhesives
  2. Pulp and paper making
  3. Chemistry

 It comprises small research groups that are working on the development of natural based  materials to replace the synthetic one in different fields such as adhesives, absorbents, bioenergy, additives and others.


Metallurgy and Ceramics Department:

The research is focusing on the science and technology of metals and alloys, using the state-of-art of extracting of metals from ores by different methods. Mineral processing is one of major researches conducting in Metallurgy division, and also fabricating of alloys using nanotechnology techniques. The development of green extraction has introduced.

The Ceramic division conducts research on refractory ceramics, bricks, insulators, production of functional ceramic, syntheses of Carbides- Nitrides-borides using sol-gel and chemical methods.

The department aiming at production of metals and ceramics from the Sudanese raw materials using cost-effective methods.

Department of appropriate technology and physical development:

It comprises a multidisciplinary approach that drawing from engineering sciences, architecture as well as technology. The mandate of the department is to   provide solution to a problem facing a society taking into consideration all aspects such as the social, environmental, political, economic, as well as, technical aspect.

Researchers in this department are striving to make our Sudanese society in a better shape. The most important and significant achievements was the creation of an innovative block making machines and development of environment friendly building materials; earth stabilized block (ESB).

Department of Electronics and communications:

Research fields in the Department are Advanced Electronics Systems, Communication and positioning Circuits and Systems. Our research also covers wireless technology in communication, navigation and radar.

Research fields in the department are advanced electronic system for research and development such as:

  • § Design electronic system in the field of control
  • § Microcontroller (PIC &AVR)
  • § Industrial  Automation (SCADA & DCS)
  • § Digital electronic  and microsystem (integrated circuit, IC)
  • § Analogueelectronic .
  • § CAD SYSTEM (Proteus 8 Professional& Electronic Work Bench )
  1. Rader System & Microwave Technology:
  • § Wireless & Optical fiber
  • § Waveguide
  1. Power Electronic System
  2. Satellite communication
  • VSAT  technology & voice  over  IP
  • Next Generation  Network (NGN)

IERMT  Key research programs:

  • Chemical pulp and paper.
  • Composites (wood and fiber based), particleboard
  • Bioadhesives (Based on tannins and polysaccharides) and additives
  • Production of  chemicals from different raw materials’
  • Development of block making machines (semi hydraulic and hydraulic)
  • Development of small and intermediate industries for rural areas (agricultural tools)
  • Development of cost effective building materials.
  • Synthesis and processing of ceramics, their functional properties, modeling and their behavior.
  • Metals processing and their chemistry.
  • Physical and mechanical of metallurgy of ferrous and nonferrous materials.
  • Research in the field of electronics and communications


  • § Developed and produced a semi hydraulic block making machine (SHBM) which registered an invention.
  • § Developed composites materials (particleboards and paper) from a wide range of raw materials.
  • § Developed bioadhesives for particleboards.
  • § Constructed   different buildings (government, private and community sectors) from the earth stabilized blocks (ESB).
  • § Production of over 200 SHBM to government, NGO and public sectors.
  • § Training program in production and building using ESB to different sectors in the community.
  • § Produced a practical guide to housing options in Sudan- Three parts.



Meknimer Street P.O.Box 2404 Khartoum Sudan

Director: Dr. Zeinab Osman

Tel:    (+249-183) 770717

Fax:   (+ 249-183) 770701

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