Documentation and Scientific Information Center (DSIC)


Historical background:

The Center of Scientific Information and Documentation is one of the scientific centers of the National Center for Research after the new restructure of the Center this year (2013). SIDC consists of two sections (departments);

  1. The Section of Documentation and Information, and
  2. The Section of Scientific Information.

The first section of Documentation started it's activity under the name of Documentation and Information Center in 1974 under the auspices of scientific library containing various departments that avail all forms of knowledge and information to researches, that includes Sudanese publications (studies, reports, theses, books etc…)  using the latest technologies to save, retrieve and disseminate information, and extended its role to equip its visitors with all information the Section has, not only its role on the Sudan's database only, but has become a focal point for many scientific and regional centers that provide the Section with CDs and Internet services and publications, moreover it cater for the responsive inquiries of researchers and students.

Now, the center is one of the centers of the legal deposit of publications. Recently, the center became affiliated to Sudan Academy of Science's Library, which is considered as one of the largest libraries in the Sudan as it includes several specialized libraries, which are distributed in a wide geographic area according to research organizations and centers that fall under the Ministry of Science and Communication umbrella. After the new re-structuring, the center is now named the Scientific Information and Documentation Center of the National Centre for Research.


The other section, which  deals with Scientific Information started its activities as the Authority of Technology Transfer, Media and Scientific Publishing in the past within the National Research Council and has passed through several stages of evolution represented in the Section of Media and Scientific Publishing and promotion of proportion to renew the tasks assigned to them, and finally the Authority developed into a body of the of Technology Transfer, Media and Scientific Publishing after the establishment of the Ministry of Science and Technology. Recently it became a fully fledged Department till it’s restructuring within the NCR to include the Documentation Centre and Information.


  1. Dissemination of information on research, published and ongoing studies in Sudan in order to take advantage of the results; includes books, magazines, periodicals and scientific studies.
  2. Maximum utilization of information and communication technology for the development of research and information services through the provision of and access to sources of information in support of scientific research and social and economic development in Sudan.
  3. Dissemination of the results of scientific research and made available to scientists and researchers.
  4. Highlighting scientific activities and outputs of scientific research media and providing outlets for scientists and researchers to present the results of their research.
  5. Documenting projects and scientific research activities through its various stages.
  6. Raise awareness among researches to the importance of intellectual property laws and patent systems.
  7. Translation and interpretation of scientific publications to Arabic language.


Departments & Units:

The Center of Scientific Information and Documentation consists of two Sections with eight units, namely:

  1. 1.         Department of Documentation and Information:
  • Unit of Acquisition
  • Unit of Sudan library
  • Unit of Electronic Library
  • Unit of the Public Library
  • Unit of Training
  1. 2.    Department of Scientific Information:
  • Unit of Scientific Publishing
  • Unit of Scientific Media
  • Unit of Technical Processing (design, printing and photography)



Meknimer Street P.O.Box 2404 Khartoum Sudan

Director: Dr. Nadia Mustafa Elidrous Ahmed

Tel:    (+249-183) ) 770776

Fax:   (+ 249-183) 770701

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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