The Annual Celebration of The African Union and The Academy Award Developing World


The National Centre for Research and the Institute of Earth Sciences participated in the annual celebration of the award of the African Union and the Academy of the Developing World for Young and outstanding Scientists in the areas of basic science, earth science and life science and innovation under the auspices of the Minister of Science and Communication and Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research on 04 May 2014 at the Communication Tower.
The celebration began by a speech from Dr. Ali El Taher the director of the Institute of Earth Sciences who read a poem on the success stories of these young scientists and praised the efforts of the African Union and the Academy and the motivation given to these scientists.
Prof. Migdam El Sheikhi, Deputy Director of the National Center for Research stressed on the importance of continuing to motivate young researchers and encourage them to research and innovation, he also praised the attention of the Center to prepare researchers and rehabilitation properly in all areas.
Finally the Minister of Science and Communication congratulated the young scientists for their achievements and praised the efforts and commitment of the African World and integration of the two ministries in favour of these scientists.

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